Magical Park

Unicorns, dinosaurs and kittens have arrived at the District Council of Grant!

Dates: 18 December 2018 – 16 December 2019

Location: Port MacDonnell Foreshore Park

Admission: Free

Described as a digital playground, Magical Park uses augmented reality to project digital experiences onto real environments through electronic devices. The app is geofenced, so it only works within the boundaries that Council set, keeping the kids off the road. Content changes every 6 to 8 weeks, keeping the game new and exciting. So jump off the couch, head down to the Port MacDonnell foreshore and discover the wonders hiding at the park!

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Tips for parents:

  • Download the free Magical Park app on Wi-Fi before arriving
  • Internet access or mobile data is needed to play
  • Please supervise children while they play
  • Ensure children wear sunscreen and a hat when playing at parks
  • Magical Park is recommended for children 4+
Frequently asked questions

Where can we play Magical Park?

The game is only available to play in a specific section of Port MacDonnell Foreshore Park.

Is there any cost to download and progress in the game?

The app is free to download and there are no in app purchases, making the game completely free to play.

How long do kids play?

Average playtime is between 30 and 60 minutes.

What devices can it be played on?

Magical Park works on both Apple and Android devices. Devices must have an inbuilt GPS, Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Compass sensor for the game to run.

How much data does the game use?

The game also requires Wi-Fi or mobile data to run, but only uses approximately 50kb of data per game, which is the equivalent of a plain email. A Wi-Fi hotspot is available near the customs house (need to check strength before use).

What is the size of the app?

The iOS version of Magical Park is 116.4MB.

The Android version of Magical Park is only 59.77MB.

Each additional world download is about 8MB on average.

Google Play Store link:

Apple App Store link:

For more information or technical support:

Enquiries: Jayne Miller, District Council of Grant

Phone: 8721 0444



Magical Park Location

Magical Park #1

Principal Office
Mount Gambier

324 Commercial Street West

PO Box 724

Mount Gambier SA 5290

Port MacDonnell
Community Complex

5 Charles Street

Port MacDonnell SA 5291