Waterfront Stage 2 Funding Announced

Stage 2 of the Waterfront redevelopment at Port MacDonnell will kick off in 2019 with a successful funding allocation by Minister Stephan Knoll through the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure. Awarded $352,500 for the project through the Planning and Development Fund, the District Council of Grant will co-fund 50% of the project with the State Government to take the project to the value of $705,000. The project will deliver new playground, fitness park, redevelopment of the town entrance at Standish Street and general landscaping across the Stage 1 and Stage 2 spaces.

Stage 2 Waterfront Funding Announced(34 kb)

Waterfront Stage 2

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Mount Gambier

324 Commercial Street West

PO Box 724

Mount Gambier SA 5290

Port MacDonnell
Community Complex

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Port MacDonnell SA 5291