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Dog Registration

In accordance with the Dog and Cat Management Act any person responsible for the control of dogs, must ensure that dogs are registered as follows:

  • All dogs aged three months or more and not previously registered must be registered within fourteen (14) days of ownership.
  • Registration of all previously registered dogs expires annually on the 30th June, and must be renewed by 31st August each year.

Penalty for keeping an unregistered dog is $80.00.  If your dog is lost, and relocated, registration fees along with any pound fees will be required to be paid before release of the dog.

Visit the Council Office to register your dog and receive your dog tag for the coming year.  The tag is placed on the dog's collar and will assist Council's Rangers to return your dog to you should it become lost.


The following fees apply to dog registration.  It should be noted that there is a 40% concession* to the standard fee for dog registration if the dog is desexed.  Other concessions may apply, including for trained dogs and dogs with microchips.  Written evidence will be required at the time of registration.


2016-2017 Dog Registration Fees


2015-2016 Dog Registration Fees



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