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Blackfellows Caves

There are several caves on the waters edge at Blackfellows Caves formed by the sea eroding into the rock cliffs made of limestone. One cave has a flat rock visible at low tide, within the cave.  It is said that the roof of the caves have smoke damage from fires lit by Aboriginal people who sheltered in the caves.  Along the coastline along either side of Blackfellows Caves, campsites where Aboriginal people lived were common, however wind and erosion, clearing, stock and natural causes have covered, ruined or hidden these sites.

The Caves, as it is often locally referred to, produced a good quantity of flint pebbles along its coastline.  Generally four-wheeled wagons were used to cart the bags of pebbles, as it had been learned by experience that two-wheeled drays were too easily tipped over on the unmade tracks.  At one time, Council banned the movement of these wagons over some tracks as they damaged them so badly, other vehicles could not use them.  With the advent of pneumatic tyres, roads were improved and transport was made easier.

Blackfellows Caves provides anchorage for several cray fishing boats.

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