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Dogs Wandering & Attacks

Wandering at Large

Dog owners are reminded that under the Dog & Cat Management Act, 1995 it is an offence to allow a dog to be at large, whether the dog is registered or not.  A dog is deemed to be wandering at large when it is unaccompanied by a responsible person who can exercise effective control over the animal.

Effective control is when the dog is on a leash that is no more than 2 metres in length. Please note that under amendments to the Dog and Cat Management Act ALL dogs that are on public land MUST be on a leash.  The owner or person responsible for a dog that is found wandering at large will be expiated a fee of $80.00 for the offence.

Complaints and/or enquiries about dogs should be advised in writing or by telephone to Council's Registrar of Dogs, Leith McEvoy (leith.mcevoy@dcgrant.sa.gov.au) on (08) 8721 0444.

Attacks on Livestock 

Council is having an increased number of dog attacks on livestock being brought to its attention.

Under the Dog and Cat Management Act, all dog owners or person/persons responsible for the animal have an obligation to keep the dog under "effective control" at all times. If this does not occur there are several remedies that can be applied. Expiations of $210.00 may be applied to the owner of any dog found harassing livestock.

If you have any concerns of this nature please do not hesitate to bring them to Council's attention by contacting the Registrar of Dogs or Community Ranger on (08) 8721 0444.

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