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Our Services

Council has responsibilities under the Local Government Act 1999 and other relevant legislation for the following services:-

    • regulatory activities eg maintaining the voters roll and supporting the elected Council
    • setting rates, preparing an annual budget and determining longer-term strategic management plans for the area
    • management of basic infrastructure including roads, footpaths, parks, public open space, street lighting and storm-water drainage
    • street cleaning and rubbish collection
    • development planning and control, including building safety assessment
    • various environmental health services

In response to community needs Council also provides further services and programs including:-

    • Libraries and Rural Transaction Centres
    • Youth Development
    • Public Health and Safety
    • Animal Management Services
    • Community and Sporting Facilities
    • Economic Development
    • Environmental Plans and Projects
    • Community and Cultural Development

In delivery of services, Council seeks to be responsive to changing needs.  Council also operates a number of facilities on a fee for service basis. These provide important community benefits while also generating revenue for services and projects of benefit to the District Council of Grant:

    • Animal management fees
    • Property Information Searches
    • Building Application fees
    • Airport fees; including passenger levy, hangar rental and aircraft operating licence fees
    • Saleyards fees
    • Leases and licences associated with use of Council Buildings and Property
    • Road Rents
    • Cemetery charges
    • Rubbish Dump/Waste Transfer Station fees
    • Copies of Council Documents
    • Mobile Food Vending Licence fees
    • Fish buyers licences
    • Private works carried out for ratepayers and other Government Departments.

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